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Reflective Practice - Second edition


A handbook for early childhood educators

ISBN: 9781925145144
Code: TS0295
Reflective Practice - Second edition Cover
Reflective Practice – Second edition develops the subject more thoroughly and includes three new chapters. It takes readers on a journey that will help them to gain a greater understanding of reflective practice and where it has come from, how it relates to their practice, and how they can engage in reflection to build their own professional capability. To help readers at the start of their journey, the resource provides some background on the theories and concept of reflective practice, and how it has come to be seen as a key practice for early years educators. It asks readers to think about their own practice and how they might engage in reflection.

Pages: 64 | Ages: 0-5

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About the Author

Liz Rouse is a lecturer in early childhood education at Deakin University.