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Engaging Children Play - Book 2

ISBN: 9781925145380
Code: TS0308
Engaging Children Play - Book 2 Cover
Engaging Children in Play – Book 2 follows on from the first book in the series by sharing further exciting and stimulating activities created using simple ideas, everyday resources and by adapting activities that have worked well in the past. The book is highly practical and includes lists of resources needed plus a challenge section with ideas on how to extend the activity and links to the EYLF and NQS. It also features key questions for educators to ask themselves about each area of their provision, enabling them to reflect on the needs of the child across all areas of learning.

Pages: 62 | Ages: 2-5

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About the Author

Nicola Scade is an Early Years and Key Stage 1 Leader and Assistant Head in the United Kingdom. She is an ‘Outstanding’ early years teacher who was awarded an Excellence in Teaching Award in 2013.