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Planning with and for Children


A practical guide to inquiry-based learning through Floorbooks

ISBN: 9781925145434
Code: TS0312
Planning with and for Children Cover

Available Mid May 2021.

This book offers clear guidance on how to make adult interaction, including questioning skills, part of good practice. It incorporates key features of a Floorbook and sets out step-by-step guides to using 3D mapping. Designed to encourage a greater emphasis on inquiry-based thinking/project approach, the book shows how learning tracks can link play and learning inside, outside and beyond in case studies. Ideal for 3 to 7 year-olds, it also supports the use of Talking Tubs to engage all children in child-led planning.

Pages: 100 | Ages: 1-6

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About the Author

Picture of Claire Warden
Claire Warden is an educational consultant who has developed her approach to nature pedagogy and experiential learning through a variety of experiences. Her experiences have taken her on a pathway that includes working in a variety of types of centre, advisory work, and lecturing in further education.